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Nourish Your Inner Darwin With An App That Lets You Visit the Galapagos

For the first time, Google has mapped the famous Galapagos islands on Street View. The company also partnered with the Charles Darwin Foundation to bring you the interactive "Be Darwin for a Day" app.

Get ready to cross "a trip to the Galapagos Islands" off of your bucket list. Well, kind of.

Thanks to a new app, you can now visit one of the world's most bio-diverse archipelagos from your living room. For the first time, Google has mapped the famous islands on Street View. Even better, they've partnered with and the Charles Darwin Foundation to create the Darwin for a Day app. The interactive platform lets you describe and catalogue any seals, finches, tortoises, and insects you happen to stumble across. The information is then uploaded to a database that scientists can use to better understand the ecosystem. You don't need to be a scientist yourself—just an evolution enthusiast—to get your Origin of Species on.