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Volvo Hires A Hamster to Drive a Very Large Truck Up a Very Dangerous Road

Can a hamster drive a 15-ton truck up a dangerous road? Volvo found out.

Can a hamster drive a 15-ton truck up a dangerous, snaking quarry road? Volvo affixed a hamster cage to the steering wheel of an FMX construction truck and, using a carrot to make the critter run, accomplished just that.

The stunt comes on the heels of teaser The Hook, in which the president of Volvo trucks stands on a vehicle dangling from a crane, 65 feet over a Swedish port. The new stunt is also meant to showcase the company's confidence in its dynamic steering. But Charlie the hamster underwent weeks of training before he was allowed behind the wheel and, even so, there were a couple of harrowing moments during the drive. Volvo trucks are probably quite safe, but maybe think twice before you hire a rodent chauffeur.