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The Future With Real-Time Tweets In TV Commercials Is Already Here

Coke Romania revolutionizes both the Twittersphere and TV commercials by joining the two together on a live broadcast.

Americans are no strangers to solitary dinners in front of the tube, but the Romanian public was sadly diagnosed recently with a sobering statistic on that front: six out of every 10 people now eat dinner alone while watching a TV show. In this sorry state of affairs, Coca-Cola and MRM Worldwide saw an opportunity to get people together—and maybe revolutionize TV advertising while they were at it.

In the agency's new initiative, when Romanian viewers invited friends to dine via Twitter, they were rewarded not only with company, but with possibly seeing their tweet air on TV as well. Of those using the hashtag #LetsEatTogether at a predetermined time, up to seven messages would stream live during the resultant Coke commercials. MRM even threw a celebrity chef into the mix to prepare surprise meals for a handful of those tweeters, ensuring that people were actually sitting around their living rooms waiting for the commercials to air. Together.

While causing more people to break bread as a unit is its own reward, perhaps even better, Coke's Twitter base in Romania increased by 15% during this program.