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The Internet's Favorite Pet Puts Paw-Prints On The Art World With "Meow Brow"

San Francisco art gallery Spoke devotes an entire exhibit to society's feverish fascination with felines.

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First there was highbrow and lowbrow, and then came midbrow. Now, perhaps best of all, there's "Meow Brow." Throughout September, Spoke art gallery in San Francisco is showing two cat-themed exhibits: one by Seattle-based artist Casey Weldon and a second group exhibit under the umbrella of world-famous feline Lil Bub,featuring 50 international artists.

In the former, Weldon's disorienting four-eyed cats make appearances, as does He-Man riding a mega cat perched on top of pasta (and eating a pop tart!) The artist even includes some images that border on cat porn—the less said about those, the better. There will also be plenty pictures of Grumpy Cat doing that Grumpy Cat thing the Internet at large has come to know and love.

The exhibits are part cultural satire, part Internet meme meta-narrative, and all around cat-o-licious. They run through September 28th. Have a look through some of the images in the slides above.