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GoDaddy Shifts From Sleaze To ... Jean-Claude Van Damme

In a drastic step up, GoDaddy goes for bizarre over boobs in a new ad starring the Muscles from Brussels.

GoDaddy used to be "hot for technology," as though only boobs could convince people to buy domain names. The result: years of the most sexist, and unsexy, advertising anywhere.

Now, the company has swapped decolletage for Jean-Claude Van Damme. The new campaign from agency Deutsch New York features the action star bounding around a bakery with a crazy-person smile, doing the splits and shaking maracas.

"It's go time," he tells the small business owner, who is also rushing to fill the many online orders he's received because of GoDaddy. The ad trades in the kind of purposeful weirdness that we've seen a lot of lately, but it's done well. And we'll take bizarre over boobs any day.