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There Is Now A Home-Listing Site Just For Those About To Rock

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst and home entertainment retailer Pause have created a way for high-volume enthusiasts in the housing market to search for noise-accommodating neighborhoods.

If your college parties never received any noise complaints then there is a chance that you weren't doing college right. In any case, for some people, the inclination to blare music at deafening decibels doesn’t go away after earning a diploma. Fortunately, those folks may have just found a way to continue kicking out the jams way into adulthood, without making enemies of neighbors.

Created by Swedish agency Åkestam Holst and home entertainment retailer Pause, the Stockholm House Equalizer is the first-ever real estate website designed to help high volume-inclined music-lovers find neighborhoods that will tolerate their loud-and-proud lifestyle. The searchable home listing database provides suggestions on noise-friendly neighborhoods and homes built with accommodating acoustics, while also offering advice on which Pause sound system might work best inside those homes.

Those about to rock need only go to the House Equalizer website , where an interactive map of Stockholm resides alongside a graphic equalizer bar with numbers ranging from 1 to 10 (sorry, Spinal Tap nerds). Each number represents a different sound level and a Pause sound system to go along with it. As you play with the bar, more houses show up along the map, complete with basic property and pricing information and a direct link to the real-estate website.

Construction and sound specialists working on the project developed an algorithm to determine how loud a person can crank up the music within specific Stockholm neighborhoods in order to determine the best systems for the best areas. A house in a crowded residential area would have less understanding environs than a more remote location—unless, that is, the owner also buys some sound-blocking materials, which they totally can.

Watch a previous campaign for Pause by Åkestam Holst below.