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Volvo President Does His Own Stunts In Death-Defying Product Demo

There are a lot of different hooks to getting people excited about your YouTube campaign, and Volvo Trucks just found two of them.

How much do you believe in your company's product? Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, wants you to know that he stands by the front tow hook on the company's new truck with utter conviction. So much so, in fact, that he's willing to don a hard hat and stand on the front end of a truck dangling from a crane, hanging 65 feet above a closed part of the Gothenburg Port in Sweden.

"The Hook" that the video is named after is both the cast iron towing hook whose strength is sufficient to hold up to 32 tons, as Nilsson explains, and also the virtual "hook" that lures viewers to YouTube to watch the increasingly complicated stunts that companies attempt as they compete for your attention. On both counts, it seems to be working: Nilsson did not plummet into the Kattegat, and the video of him bravely staring down a frigid, watery grave to describe the excellence of his company's product has so far garnered 750,000 YouTube hits—a number that'll almost certainly continue growing as people flock to watch the executive stand by his product in the boldest way possible.