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Taco Bell Forces Formerly Frustrated Fans To Literally Eat Their Words

Taco Bell uses lasers, tacos, and Twitter to engage its angry fans.

You do NOT want to get a Canadian upset. When riled up, they may very well ... send a strongly worded Tweet.

When Taco Bell launched Doritos Locos Tacos in America, Canadians were duly pissed—and they took to the Internet to complain. When Taco Bell finally took its newest creation north of the border, the chain decided to make Canadian customers eat their words, literally. Via this campaign from Toronto's Grip Limited, the brand delivered some savory payback to the fans who had complained via social media about being left out of the Locos action. They lasered tweets and Facebook posts into the taco shells and then invited the angry authors to a Taco Bell to eat them.

Brian was forced to eat a taco emblazoned with the quote: "Why don't we have Doritos Locos Tacos in Ontario? This is an outrage!" Yes, it is Brian. Yes it is.