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If You've Got A Kid Leaving For College, This Extra Gum Spot May Make You Weep

Wrigley's brand Extra imparts a "long lasting" message via the cockles.

If you're concerned that your kids will go to college for the first time, hit up their first-ever frat party, and spend every waking minute forgetting that you exist, then Wrigley's can help.

In a new spot for Extra gum from agency Energy BBDO, we see a growing-up montage, with a father accompanying his daughter through the various stages of her life, and at every turn presenting her with a little origami swan fashioned from an Extra wrapper. From a train trip to a day at the beach to a first heartbreak, every time the kid turns around, there's the swan (to the point where some viewers may be imagining a thought bubble above the young woman's head that says "enough with the swans already"). It's all excessively sweet, but the little kicker at the end will probably still get you.

The message: sometimes the little things last the longest and when you "give extra" you "get extra." Since the flavor lasts so long, your kids are bound to remember you as long as they're still chewing.