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Rick Perry Leaves Trail Of Death: Politicians Who Deny Climate Change Get A Meteorological Shaming

Forget Sandy and Katrina. Marco Rubio and John Boehner are going to rain destruction upon us all.

If your name is Sandy, Katrina, Andrew, or Ivan, then you’re probably not a fan of the World Meteorological Organization’s policy of naming extreme storms after people. These individuals did nothing wrong and yet they must hear their names cursed for generations to come.

The organization 350 Action and agency Barton F. Graf 9000 are proposing a Climate Name Change—a new system of identifying storms by the names of climate change deniers. Now it’s "Michelle Bachman" that’s ravaging the Florida coast, "Rick Perry" that’s led to the deaths of thousands of stranded animals, and John Boehner who has proved to be one of the costliest environmental disasters in American history. As the video below advises, you’d better sign the Climate Name Change petition ASAP "before John Boehner blows your entire city away."