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Southern Comfort Highlights A Karate Master In Its Latest Portrait Of The Comfortable

In the latest ad from Southern Comfort’s "Whatever’s Comfortable" campaign, a group of women gathered in a salon thrill to the moves of their karate-proficient neighbor.

The "Whatever’s Comfortable" campaign is a series of character portraits that wordlessly give viewers a glimpse into the life of a unique individual who goes about his business, his way, with Southern Comfort in hand. The latest ad from the campaign elaborates on a character we’ve already met before by revealing his karate chops.

Directed by Tim Godsall, who’s helmed the entire series, the latest ad from Wieden+Kennedy New York finds the handlebar-mustachioed hair-salon hero from a previous spot turning the beauty shop into his own personal dojo. Apparently roused by his Southern Comfort, our guy appears, highlight foils and all, before a clearly appreciative audience of women in hair dryers, performing a lively display of his swift hands and feet, all to the tune of "I’m a Fool to Care" by Les Paul & Mary Ford. Although the actor was only originally supposed to be in the first ad—in which he projected his character’s cool from inside one of those hair dryers—the creatives at W+K liked his karate-themed audition tape so much (the actor is actually a martial arts expert in real life), they wrote a second spot just for him.

Watch the previous videos from the "Whatever’s Comfortable" campaign below.

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