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Expand Your Circle With The Help Of Startup "Black Friend Connect"

Are you a hopelessly unhip white person? A new (satirical) service purports to have the hookup.

Expand Your Circle With The Help Of Startup "Black Friend Connect"

What comic genius is behind Black Friend Connect?

The website purports to rent out black friends to serve as wingmen for hopelessly unhip white folks. As purported CEO "Jermoe Smith" (an image actually shows CNN’s Don Lemon) writes on the site: "Every white person needs a black friend. Whether it is fist-bumping you in front of your coworkers or being the black friend you introduce to all your white friends at a party, Black Friend Connect will fulfill all of your black friend needs."

And the site claims to offer a "Deal of the Week," a cut-rate $99 black friend rental. A form allows you to specify just which type of black friend you’d like to have on your arm, be it "Mr. Thug Life" or "Mr. I’m a Righteous Black Man!" The site also links to an evidently phony press release in which Al Sharpton denounces the service as latter-day slavery.

We’ve reached out to whatever comic minds are behind this play and will update when we know more. In the meantime, for another comic exploration of the idea of the "black friend" and the hipness it confers, check out Fast Company contributor Baratunde Thurston’s bestseller, How To Be Black, which explores the topic.

[Group Image: Martin Allinger via Shutterstock]