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Kiefer Sutherland and Jose Cuervo Urge You To "Have A Story"

If the story is about the time you got drunk on tequila and had the good sense to walk away from a backroom brawl, so much the better.

As celebrity pitchmen go, Kiefer Sutherland seems a little less approachable than, say, William Shatner (maybe it’s all the times we saw Jack Bauer torture his opponents?). But he’s extremely watchable, which is demonstrated in the new Jose Cuervo "Have A Story" campaign. In the new minute-long spot, Sutherland combines his edge with a mischievous affability, and comes across as just the kind of guy you might, say, want to sit down with over a bottle of tequila.

But sitting down with that bottle for some bro time is only the first stage in what the campaign, created by McCann New York, is about: Once the shots are poured, who knows what kind of story you’ll wake up with the next day? Maybe that’ll involve a Russian stomach tattoo or a curious game of Spin the Bottle or a frantic search for your passport. If you’re living your life the way Kiefer and Cuervo think you should be, you might do all of that and more. What you won’t be doing—having regrets.