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Eli and Peyton Manning Rap Exactly As Well As You Think They Would In This DirecTV Spot

Give 'em credit, the Manning brothers fully commit to delivering ridiculous, Lonely Island-style lyrics about the glory of watching football on your phone.

Whatever you think about the supposed greatness of Peyton and Eli Manning, there’s one thing about the quarterbacks and brothers that no one can dispute: Those guys are really, really white.

That’s the basis for the gag in the Manning brothers’ new video, "Football on Your Phone," promoting DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package: Two guys who have a history of good-natured goofiness off the field wear ridiculous haircuts (Eli’s got a perm, while Peyton has something horrible and unnamable) and rap about the glory of being able to use Sunday Ticket to watch football anywhere they like, thanks to their mobile devices.

The Manning Brothers are no strangers to comedy—each has hosted Saturday Night Live, and their previous DirecTV spots have been pretty funny, too—but this is a bold move from the future Hall of Famers. The two wander through the French Quarter of their native New Orleans and drop Lonely Island-style bon mots like "It’s football on your phone, so now’s your chance / to have football on your phone and football in your pants" and "It’s like I spilled milk all over your blouse on accident / or on purpose / it’s like the milk is like football / and your blouse is the phone." Even family patriarch (and legendary former Saints QB) Archie Manning gets into the action at the end, wearing a terrible wig and dropping some "Uh-huh, yeah" action over the beat.

Give the spot some credit—it might have been good for a quick chuckle if they’d just left it at "corny white dudes try to rap," but going all Lonely Island with the lyrics means that the song’s actually pretty funny outside of just the goofiness that is rapping Peyton Manning. Opposing pass rushers may or may not come away from watching it with a little bit of extra motivation to plant Eli upside his perm come fall.