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Haagen-Dazs Presents a Mini Augmented Reality Concert Atop Your Pint

Are you too impatient to let your Haagen-Dasz chill (or warm) for a few minutes before you start gobbling? Perhaps an instant concert will help.

Do you get painfully bored waiting for your pint of Häagen-Dazs to thaw that little bit before you dig in? The company, with help from Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Jam3, has created an augmented reality iPhone app to entertain you while your ice cream "tempers" (melts) to the perfect consistency for your spoon.

When you launch the app and point your phone toward a carton of Häagen-Dazs, you will suddenly see a miniature violinist in a diaphanous dress, serenading you from atop the lid. Add a second pint, and a cellist will appear with a perfectly timed accompaniment. The musicians play for two minutes, the exact amount of time the ice cream takes to temper. (Bet you can’t say that three times fast.) When the song concludes, grab your spoon and dig in!

See how they did it in the video above.