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Penelope Cruz Is Now Designing Sexy Underwear And Directing Videos About It

Actress Penelope Cruz makes her directorial debut with a six-minute short showing off the lingerie line she and her sister Monica designed for Agent Provocateur. There will be butts.

Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica recently designed and launched a new line of lingerie for high-end undergarment shop Agent Provocateur. Of course, what better way to celebrate the launch of your lingerie line then putting together a sexy six-minute video showing off the goods?

When we last saw a Cruz sister teamed up with the brand, it was Monica in a Dorian Gray-themed ad for the 2012 Autumn Winter campaign. Cut to a year later and now the more famous Cruz is making her directorial debut in a video for Agent Provocateur’s 2013 Autumn Winter collection, touting L’Agent, the line the two siblings designed together.

In the not exactly groundbreaking (or well-made) video, a well-dressed man enters a mysterious house where nu porn music plays on a continuous loop. Women are artfully arranged around the place, some of them on gymnast’s rings, others climbing ladders to nowhere, and still others blowing out birthday candles. Perhaps needless to say, there are a lot of glamorously packaged butts in view throughout. Stay tuned, though, for a cameo by Penelope Cruz’s husband, Javier Bardem.