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Enter Ben Stiller's "Secret Life" In This Dreamy, Dialogue-Free Trailer

The just-released first trailer for Ben Stiller’s passion project, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, doesn’t need words to explain the movie or its tone.

Anyone who read The New Yorker’s incisive profile of Ben Stiller last summer probably has high expectations for his next directorial effort, whether they be be along the lines of "masterpiece" or "fiasco." That film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, won’t be out until Christmas, but the just-released trailer conveys pretty much everything you need to know about it—and it does so without a word.

Scored by the stirring Of Mice and Men song "Dirty Paws," the trailer presents Stiller as an office drone with a rich inner life. He sees magnificent dreamscapes transposed over his reality, and though it’s unclear whether he can tell the difference, it’s hypnotic to watch. Unfortunately, in his less-rich outer life, love interest Kristen Wiig looms just out of reach, while Adam Scott’s antagonist bro is all too close.

According to The New Yorker profile, the movie had a hefty budget not often afforded to comedies. As the trailer makes clear, however, Walter Mitty has an epic scope that transcends the typical comedy, and perhaps genre altogether. We’ll know for sure this December.