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Take A Look At What Happens Every Single Minute On The Internet

A new infographic by rewarded search site Qmee offers a glimpse at the digital doings that occur globally over the span of each minute.

Early last year we learned that one hour of YouTube is uploaded every second. It was a bracing reminder of just how many people are spending their time online simultaneously. Of course, there are other ways to test the endurance of bandwidth, and a new infographic reveals statisics on most of them.

Created by rewards site Qmee, "Online In 60 Seconds" is a pie chart that shows off the sheer amount of online activity that takes place every single minute. The amount of YouTube videos uploaded has already increased from January 2012's 60 hours per minute to 72. Additionally, over 1.8 million things are liked on Facebook, and 278 thousand bon mots tweeted. Not depicted in the chart: the amount of work that is going undone while all of these items are being viewed.

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