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Very Young Viral Rappers Do Back-to-School Boasting for Kmart

The kids behind last year’s viral hit, "Hot Cheetos & Takis," are back with a new song that doubles as an ad for Kmart’s back-to-school sales.

When adorable pint-size rappers Da Rich Kids went viral last year with their snack-praising video, "Hot Cheetos & Takis", Frito-Lay must have been thankful for the free publicity windfall. Now, another brand is hoping to harness Da Rich Kids’ rapping ability to similar success in a new ad.

"My Limo" finds the Kids in back-to-school mode (in July, no less) at a time when Kmart is gearing up for their big pre-fall push. The title refers to the school bus, which is likened to a stretched, yellow, luxury vehicle that chauffeurs lucky students off to school—which is wear fashion happens. Created by agency Draftfcb for maximum ear-worm potential, the chorus is a declarative chant with the same cadence as their junk food-oriented hit: "The school bus is my limo." The new video follows the massively viral "Ship My Pants" effort from earlier this year. Since that blockbuster, the brand and agency have created other designed-for-buzz videos, "Big Gas Savings" and "Yo Mama," which, though popular, never caught on to the same degree.

The new song wisely avoids referencing Kmart directly in the lyrics—although one of the kids is wearing a ring with an enormous gold 'K’ on it. Mostly, the focus is on the feeling of going back to school freshly decked out in new gear. These kids do seem oddly focused on the bargain pricing of this fresh gear, however—one of them boasts about getting "a hoodie for a Hammy," which is what people are maybe about to start calling $10 bills from now on. (RIP, Alexander Hamilton!)

Watch another video by the very young viral hitmakers below.