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David Cross and Amber Tamblyn Video Mocks Todd Akin-Esque "Gynoticians"

The anti-abortion laws of Texas may be daunting, but Amber Tamblyn and David Cross channel their frustration over reproductive health-care regulation into comedy in a new video.

"The personal is political," goes the mantra of second-wave feminism. In a new video starring real-life power couple Amber Tamblyn and David Cross, the personal is both political and hilarious, albeit in a kind of depressing way.

Gynoticians finds Tamblyn playing a patient looking for birth control from her gynecologist, and Cross plays the white-coated doctor who offers twisted advice like, "Find a gentleman that'll intercourse the cramps out of you." Many people—including the politically active Tamblyn and Cross—are more than a little upset after a wave of new laws passed recently in states from Texas to Wisconsin that increase government regulation of reproductive health services. Those laws have brought protesters out to the capitols and the streets in all of the states facing the new laws and have garnered a ton of media attention (a CNN report yesterday declared this "The Summer of Abortion"). But the laws probably haven't been satirized effectively until now.

In the four-minute clip, Cross plays the sort of bumbling beardo that he's built his career around: In this case, a self-described "gynotician," which Planned Parenthood's website defines as "a politician who feels more qualified than women and their doctors to make women's health-care decisions." As such, he lectures Tamblyn's patient about the evils of ObamaCare and about why she doesn't need birth control; panics at the mention of the word "abortion"; talks about his B.A. from "Todd Akin Non-Technical College of Biologicalish Studies and Rhetoric"; and boasts that his clinic is the last one left in 200 miles. Tamblyn, meanwhile, is left to play the shocked straight woman, making increasingly horrified faces as Cross lays on the grim tidings ever thicker.

As funny as the video is, presumably Cross and Tamblyn would prefer not to be in a position where they felt as though they had to make it.