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"Parks and Rec" Star Aubrey Plaza Mopes Through The Fake "Daria" Movie Trailer You Wish Was Real

Ever-dour Aubrey Plaza finally inhabits the character she was born to play, MTV’s Daria Morgendorffer, albeit in a fake movie trailer.

 “Parks and Rec” Star Aubrey Plaza Mopes Through The Fake “Daria” Movie Trailer You Wish Was Real

Sometimes actors land the roles they were born to play. The looks and personality of actor and character sync up so perfectly that it seems it couldn’t possibly be played by anyone else. Think Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury in the forthcoming Queen biopic (which he unfortunately just dropped out of.) A better example, however, might be sardonic actress Aubrey Plaza, who just played the role that aligns with every fibrous strand of her DNA. Too bad that role is only for a spoof trailer though.

On TV’s Parks and Recreation, Plaza plays the ever-dour April Ludgate, a character whose perfect Christmas gift is a painting of her "finally" killing the Black Eyed Peas. She is soft-spoken but sharp-tongued; every glance is a withering one. It is a character not so far removed from MTV’s late-'90s series Daria, a spinoff of Beavis and Butt-Head. The resemblance, both physical (all that’s missing is round glasses) and in attitude was not lost on the public at large, and specifically the people at CollegeHumor, who have made a fake trailer for a Daria movie.

Just in time to hip people to Plaza’s biggest movie role yet, in the forthcoming The To-Do List. Daria: High School Reunion hits the sweet spot between nostalgia and actual laughs. Less a parody than an affectionate tribute to the show, the trailer plays out like an astoundingly accurate depiction of what a Daria movie might be like. Joined by comedic talent like Upright Citizens Brigade cofounder Ian Roberts and CollegeHumor’s own Josh Ruben, Plaza dons the enormous round spectacles and familiar dark world view of Daria—slightly updated for the 2010s.

There was a time when having a spoof trailer of some kind would mean that making the actual movie depicted in said trailer would be off the table. That time is long since past, though, considering the Internet’s crowdsourcing power. If there’s not a petition to put Aubrey Plaza in a legit Daria movie yet, there will be one very soon. (And I will sign it.)

Watch the full trailer below.