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"Wolverine" Poster Slashes Up Competing Posters

Street artists get their hands on a poster for The Wolverine, vastly improve it

“Wolverine” Poster Slashes Up Competing Posters

It’s been a banner year for innovative movie posters, most notably with the Inception-style poster-within-a-poster campaign for You’re Next. Amazingly, though, one of the best examples of creativity in this realm had nothing to do with the actual marketing team, but rather a street artist.

The person who goes by the moniker Poster Boy NYC is known for vandalizing city signage with anti-consumerism, anti-everything satire. What he’s done for a poster of forthcoming Hugh Jackman joint, The Wolverine, however, is a work of marketing art that should embarrass the studio team assigned to this film for not thinking of it first. The actual poster for the film features the spartan image of Wolverine with claws bared. In the doctored version, however, the posters on either side are made to look as though they have been clawed by Hugh Jackman’s superhero. It’s a sharp, incisive gimmick, sure to scar the psyches of those who were paid to promote the film by other means.