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Controversial "Blurred Lines" Video Gets A Gender-Swapped Parody Makeover

For those who thought Blurred Lines objectified women, here’s a version wherein the shoes-and-nothing-else are on the other foot.

Are you totally over Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video? This redux, starring the boylesque troupe Mod Carousel has given fans and detractors something new to chew on. It’s a fabulous display of lyrical parody, vocal stylings and, um, push pops. And now it’s the men who are prancing around in nearly nothing.

The original video for Thicke’s big hit, featuring the fully clothed star along with fully clothed Pharrell and T.I. dancing around and mildly harassing a troupe of nearly naked (and, in the unrated version, really nearly naked) ladies, while the lyrics ("You’re a good girl," "I know you want it," "I hate those blurred lines") hint at . . . what exactly? For some, it was all a little rape-y, or at least definitely sexist. A Vice writer summed up the feelings of many, calling it "ugly sexist uninspired bullshit dressed up as naughtiness, and it’s creepy, creepy, creepy."

This sex-swamped reworking, on the other hand, is sort of great. Caela Bailey as Robin Thicke, Sydni Deveraux as Pharrell, and Dalisha Phillips as T.I. will make you smile. As will back up dancers Trojan Original, Paris Original, and the Luminous Pariah.

The Carousel explained the reinterpretation like this on YouTube:
"It’s our opinion that most attempts to show female objectification in the media by swapping the genders serve more to ridicule the male body than to highlight the extent to which women get objectified and do everyone a disservice. We made this video specifically to show a spectrum of sexuality as well as present both women and men in a positive light, one where objectifying men is more than alright and where women can be strong and sexy without negative repercussions."