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Guardian’s "Non-Royalist" Mode Lets You Opt Out of Baby News

While a large swath of the world’s population awaits the birth of Kate Middleton’s royal baby, The Guardian recognizes that some people would care not to hear any more about it.

Guardian’s “Non-Royalist” Mode Lets You Opt Out of Baby News

Did you know that, in Paris, a royal baby is called a Royale With Cheese? Well, it’s not, but variations on this Pulp Fiction-derived joke have been flying around Twitter rapidly since Kate Middleton went into labor early Monday morning. Since then, the forthcoming royal baby has been seeing "royal wedding"-like levels of coverage from most media outlets. The Guardian is no exception; however, the venerable news source is allowing online users to make it an exception.

Visitors to The Guardian's website will notice a purple button in the top right corner of the page. This button offers two options: Royalist and Non-Royalist. The first of these two offers all the hoopla you’d expect from the leading news organization in the U.K. about the royal baby that will one day hold sway. By opting for the second choice, though, users will be able to see only everything else that is happening in the world right now, unrelated to the birth of a certain future monarch.

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