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Heineken is Offering Exciting Free Vacations . . . But Only To The Truly Spontaneous

Would you change your travel plans on the spot?

Want a free trip to . . . Morocco? Cyprus? Laos? Heineken is paying.

But there’s a catch. To find out where you’re going, you’ll have to play Departure Roulette. Last week, travelers went to JFK thinking that they were leaving New York for work, bachelor parties, and the like. But at the airport, they were given the chance to press a big red button and have their new destination decided on the spot by the departure roulette machine. If they chose to play, they had to change their plans immediately. Wieden+Kennedy New York, creator of the campaign has now released a video chronicling what happened when people were put on the (very tempting) spot.

The stunt is part of Heineken’s global "Voyage" campaign from W+K, a major component of which has been Dropped, the brand’s reality Web series, in which travelers are deposited from a helicopter into random locations around the globe and asked to fend for themselves. The new airport stunt adds a further, real-world, live element.

It’s telling that most people who were offered the opportunity to play Departure Roulette turned it down. Heineken implores drinkers to "Open Your World," but the majority of us seem plenty happy to stay in the comfort zone.