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"Shit Girls Say" Guy Is Now Talking Dogs

Graydon Sheppard does a deep dive on dogs with his follow-up to the Shit Girls Say Web series, Pure Breeds.

“Shit Girls Say” Guy Is Now Talking Dogs

Way back in the halcyon days of 2011, the popular Twitter account @ShitGirlsSay took the Internet by surprise one winter’s morn by spawning a Web series. Episode 1 ended up being a huge viral hit garnering nearly 20 million views en route to an eventual book. It also paved the way for similarly zippy gender-bending Web series. Now, the creator seems to have turned his attention away from lady foibles, however, and is focused on the world of canines.

Graydon Sheppard’s new Web series [i]Pure Breeds[/i] strays away from the format of the filmmaker’s previous Web hit, but retains its personality and zippiness. The show combines personal recollections from Sheppard’s life with cold hard facts about a different breed each time out, all of it humming along at the same rapid pace as [i]Shit Girls Say[/i] zingers.

The debut episode is focused on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, recounting its history in a variety of ways. In addition to disseminating facts on the breed’s origins, Sheppard also dons a long curly wig to play the king himself, in between theorizing on whether this particular dog inspired the flying creature Falcor in the [i]Neverending Story[/i].

Here’s hoping the edutaining Web series keeps delivering episodes at a dog-years rate. Watch the first episode below.