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Watch The 15-Second Instagram Trailer For Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs Biopic

The trailer is very short, and very square, but it gives you a surprisingly satisfying look at the film.

Watch The 15-Second Instagram Trailer For Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs Biopic

It didn’t take long from the launch of Instagram’s video component until the release of what’s being called the first movie trailer in the 15-second, color-saturated format. And, perhaps fittingly, it’s the trailer for Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs.

Catering to a certain segment of the film’s audience, the trailer utilizes the Instagram video feature that allows the user to pick a given frame as the video’s "cover" image to highlight a shot of a shirtless Kutcher preparing to slam down a corded telephone. It doesn’t borrow much else from the Instagram format, though—it’s likely that the colors are true to the filmmaker’s vision, rather than drenched in a faux-vintage filter like "gingham" or "brooklyn," and the finger-on-the-screen technology that allows Instagrammers to jump-cut is ignored in favor of soft fades.

The trailer is 15 seconds long, though (and square!), and it still provides an adequate teaser for the movie: Jobs will, at some point, be shirtless on the phone! He’ll reminisce about working in the fabled garage! He’ll stand in a field of corn with the sun shining down on him, unless that’s actually footage from Man Of Steel. He’ll give speeches to cheering throngs of admirers. He’ll invent the iPhone. And he’ll read the copy from the "Crazy Ones" ad—all in a PG-13 film released on August 16 that you are advised to tweet about with the hashtag #JobsMovie. That is really a lot of information to convey in 15 seconds, which makes us think that movie trailers really are much longer than they need to be.