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Horror Film Fest Advertises By Invading Members' Homes

The ads are coming from inside your house.

To advertise the ELMSTA 3000 Horror Film Festival, Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden devised a campaign to freak the f*ck out of festivalgoers. Each festival member received a text message with an image of his or her house, followed half an hour later by a second text with their name and the words, "We’re waiting for you. In your living room." The prank amped up from there, culminating in the big reveal: Victims were asked to "text 'I am dead meat’ to confirm their participation.

Talk about creating anticipation—and angst. According to the case study video, members found the messages deliciously terrifying and panic-inducing, though one assumes some of them may not have been so amused. And that night, most of them probably slept with the lights on.