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Fred Armisen Infomercial Hawks Revolutionary New Music Device: The Flash Drive

You know we’re all about to win here, right?

Leave it to Fred Armisen to make even the dorkiest advertising format—the infomercial—cool. In the video below, he stars as Ricky Chism, the new spokesman for Queens of the Stone Age, who have just released their new album, "Like Clockwork." According to Chism, we’re all winners now, because the QOTSA album is coming out in limited edition . . . on a USB flash drive.

That’s right, a flash drive. CD’s skip and scratch and, as Chism astutely points out, will no longer play on any of your devices. And the cloud? Please. If the Internet goes down, who are you supposed to call—the weatherman? The 8-gig flash drive is loaded with artwork, videos, and lyric sheets, along with the new album. You can also use it to open cans of beer. Sweet deal.