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Corey Feldman Stages An Unbidden Comeback In Inexplicable Music Video

It’s safe to say it’s not a masterpiece, but you’ll probably watch the whole thing anyway.

Apropos of nothing, and demanded by no one, Corey Feldman has nonetheless, somehow, returned to the public consciousness. It is not thanks to a Goonies reunion—Josh Brolin is far too busy enjoying a legitimate career, and Martha Plimpton is spending most of her time as a staunch advocate of women’s rights, though his comeback does feature a brief cameo by Sean Astin—nor is it owing to nostalgia for any of his Corey/Corey work. (RIP, Haim.) Strangely, it is for a music video for a song that is, shall we say, hard to take seriously. Or at all.

That song is "Ascension Millenium," and the video, according to the description on Feldman’s YouTube account, is "a musical journey through his Feldmansion in [a] Day in the Life Adventure." At the very least, it does look like it was a fun thing to spend a day shooting. The video is built around an extended tracking shot that features Feldman strolling through his house accompanied by, among others, what the YouTube description refers to as "Corey’s Angels." He gets dressed, in a Michael Jackson-style get-up! He sings! He dances! He strolls by the pool, which for some reason is surrounded by tents advertising an energy drink. He saunters back inside, up to a rehearsal studio, where he jams with a band. Thanks to some low-budget CGI, the walls toof the studio collapse, and something intended to resemble a concert arena appears behind them.

It’s hard to tell if Feldman is serious. Does that make him a better actor than we ever gave him credit for? Someone get Brolin on the line and see if he’s up for The Goonies Part 2.