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See The Most Excellent Animated Answers To The Question: What Would You Wish For?

In a new video by animators Scoff & Gritt, an assortment of oddballs are defined as much by what they are on the surface as they are by their wish lists.

"Sir, if you could have any one thing, just the one wish fulfilled, anything at all, what would you choose?" asks an anonymous British voice. "What would you wish for?"

So begins Wishlist, a short, dementedly whimsical video about essential desires. Created by Scott Garrett and Andrew "Griff" Griffin, a team of U.K. animators who go by Scoff & Gritt, Wishlist poses the above question to an assortment of oddball characters. These folks are defined as much by how they look as by what they want, starting with the very first entrant, a naked Lucha Libre wrestler whose only wish is to have opponents.

Some members of this exhaustive inventory of weird creatures are here just as gags, like the barking dog and squawking seagull with subtitled wishes for squirrels and chips respectively. Others communicate a deeper message about the essential loneliness that comes with being part of humanity. As the video goes on, however, things start to spiral giddily out of control. A sentient nothingness in space wishes for "Everything," which is then sucked up into its gaping maw along with all of us. (Fortunately, the video still continues from there.)