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Guard Your Online Identity Or An Ad Firm Might Steal Your Face

A very thorough illustration of the dangers of oversharing.

We’ve had nightmare reminders of the dark possibilities waiting for people who share their personal info on social networks. But now we’ve got a vivid demonstration, complete with face appropriation.

This identity-theft campaign for financial organization Febelfin warns that you shouldn’t share your financial info or you might end up like Tom Degroote, whose name, bank account, and face were stolen in the name of the public good, and our amusement. The mastermind behind this Face/Off-like scheme is Antwerp-based agency Duval Guillaume (the shop behind real world-based viral stunts like "Dramatic Surprise" and "Unlock the 007 in You"), which takes over Degroote’s entire life, right down to his appearance. (An actor transforms himself into a Degroote double.) Once Duval Guillaume revealed the ruse and the actor pulled off his fake nose, let’s hope the agency gave the poor guy a little extra dough for therapy sessions.