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Wendy's Taps Twitter To Give Its New Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Its Own Power Ballad

A tuxedo-clad gentleman serenades his favorite new fast food sandwich with the words of its admirers’ tweets in this video.

Wendy’s recently announced a big new launch in the pretzel-bun bacon cheeseburger, a move that was greeted with the mix of sincere excitement and ironic detachment that is endemic of how people communicate on Twitter. Now, to celebrate both the burger and the nature of Twitter, the fast food giant has released its "Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs, Vol. 1" as a YouTube commercial.

The video, from digital agency VML, features a piano-playing gentleman in a white, shawl-collar tuxedo—the sartorial equivalent of a pretzel bun for your bacon cheeseburger, presumably—at a piano, serenading the burger with lyrics culled from the tweets of people who, in the time since the burger’s announcement, shared their excitement. "Spent the morning trying to come up / with a Wendy’s Pretzel Burger joke / before giving up / because it actually sounds delicious," he sings in the emotive power ballad, echoing the words of one @DoranSimmons. Over an image of an Instagrammed sandwich from a @Kit_Goggles, he belts out "This / is / the next level amazing!"

It’s a goofy response to the irony-soaked excitement that people bring to Twitter. Wendy’s marketing chief Craig Bahner said in a statement that the company was "taking fans’ comments about this innovative cheeseburger and amplifying their love."

The burger chain also brought 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey to YouTube to livestream fan tweets hashtagged with #PretzelLoveSongs last night, to promote the campaign, proving that the line between ironic and sincere is an ever-shifting one. In any case, it does look like a pretty good fast food sandwich.