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Yelp Word Maps Display Hipster Hot Zones

If you’re looking for—or to avoid—things like hipsters, bacon or romance, Yelp can help.

  • 01 /05 | New York
  • 02 /05 | Los Angeles
  • 03 /05 | San Francisco
  • 04 /05 | Portland
  • 05 /05 | Toronto

Want to see the sketchiest neighborhoods in San Francisco? Or how to avoid frat enclaves in New York? How about the greatest density of hipsters in Portland? Yelp can help.

The review website has created a word map that displays pre-selected popular Yelp search terms as heat maps overlaid on 14 cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The maps look like something out of The Hot Zone. Forget Ebola; hipsterism is contagious and, according to Yelp, it’s spreading from predictable hot spots like Williamsburg and the Lower East Side to . . . Jersey City?