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Newcastle Brown Ale Launches Revolutionary Campaign To Celebrate The Day Before Independence

July 4th may be Independence Day but Newcastle wants you to celebrate Independence Eve—the day before the Declaration of Independence was signed—by buying its beer.

July 4th is Independence Day. But do many people remember what America is celebrating independence from? For those not as historically savvy as they should be, Newcastle Brown Ale is taking the opportunity to remind Americans of their pre-revolutionary roots. How? By declaring July 3rd Independence Eve, a totally fake holiday with the sole intent of selling more beer; a little mock deference to the Queen is also encouraged. Brilliant, as the Brits say.

Part of its ongoing "No Bollocks" campaign, Newcastle Brown Ale is actually indulging in a little bit of bollocks. To celebrate the preholiday "holiday," Newcastle is rolling out the Revolutionary Koozie, which drapes the beer in the good ol’ Union Jack on one side and the Stars and Stripes on the other, allowing patriots to celebrate their country’s independence at the stroke of midnight. The Koozie is available at participating bars (which ones are participating is unclear, so you might want to try them all!) As well, Newcastle will turn its Facebook page into a virtual Independence Eve party by sharing a series of GIFs that highlight the difference between "British America and American America."

Newcastle Brown Ale is certainly not the first company to establish a completely fabricated holiday (Valentine’s or Secretaries or Grandparents Day, anyone?), but at least the quintessentially British beer brand is introducing a holiday that’s meant to shill beer rather than overpriced gift cards.

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