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Mrs. Coach Takes a Stand For Women's Rights In Texas

What WOULD Tami Taylor do?

Mrs. Coach Takes a Stand For Women's Rights In Texas

Despite Wendy Davis’s badass 13-hour filibuster last week, the Texas state legislature plans to continue its battle against a woman’s right to choose.

Legislation that would shut down 36 of the state’s 42 women’s health centers that provide access to abortions could still be passed in the state, so to keep the pro-choice fight alive, actress Connie Britton—well known for her role on Friday Night Lights as the level-headed, independent Tami Tayor, or "Mrs. Coach"—has lent her voice to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and For the duration of July, you can support Planned Parenthood in the Longhorn State by purchasing a T-shirt that asks WWTTD?—What Would Tami Taylor Do? The question is rhetorical, of course. She would stand up for the rights of women in Texas.

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