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Canuckify Your Photos With The KnowCanada Photo App

Bruce Mau Design makes an app of its clever Canadian brand ID.

Think you know Canada? A new photo app for Apple, KnowCanada, is encouraging Canadians—or simply Canadaphiles—to create their own images of the country’s life and culture.

The app builds upon a rebranding campaign developed by Bruce Mau Design based on a brief from WNYC’s Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen. That ingenious brand platform used the red bars of the Canadian flag as a framing device, with the maple leaf replaced by anything and everything that said Canada in a nontraditional, non-beaver-related way.

The new app, also from Bruce Mau Design, allows users to frame photos with the red bars, creating instant Canadian iconography. You can see the current gallery of KnowCanada images and share your own at