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Now Entering North Verizon: See a Map of The Corporate States of America

A graphic designer mapped out America with corporations in place of states.

In his magnum opus, Infinite Jest, the late author David Foster Wallace wrote of a future where the name of each calendar year was auctioned off to the highest corporate bidder (the ultimate ad buy-in). It is perhaps in the same spirit that writer and graphic artist Steve Lovelace has created a map dubbed The Corporate States of America.

Each of the 50 states is distinguished by a corporation or brand that best represents it. The brands are all based in the states they stand in for, and are apparently still in business. The map was made to show off the increasing power of nongovernmental entities in the United States and demonstrate that brand loyalty is becoming something akin to state pride.

Have a look at the map below, and let us know in the comments which brands you would have chosen for which states instead.

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