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Spoiler Alert: Find Out If the Film You're About to Watch Has Any Caninicides

A new website has compiled data from over 600 pet-threatening movies, reporting on whether or not there are any casualties in them.

Spoiler Alert: Find Out If the Film You're About to Watch Has Any Caninicides

IMDB has a helpful section for parents that reveals the sexual and violent content of any given movie. Before their kid takes in Taken, a pair of parents can determine whether it’s too bloody for her. Some people, however, have different pre-movie concerns—like whether it’s going to break their animal-loving hearts.

Quite possibly PETA’s new favorite website, Does the Dog Die? is a directory dealing with canine corpses and how users can avoid seeing any. The site compiles movies that feature imperiled pets and reveals their fate. The site was created for movies like the Christopher Walken-starring Seven Psychopaths wherein a bunch of dogs are kidnapped and it looks as though they might not live. (They do.)

Does the Dog Die? has a very simple rating system. If the pet reaches the end credits unscathed, it leaves a happy dogface in its wake. If it gets injured or appears dead, but ultimately survives, it gets a frowny dogface. Finally, if the pet dies, then the rating is a little crying dogface. (The worst rating of all.) If you are in danger of crying at just the sight of a cartoon crying dogface, then this website will come in handy.

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