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Huggies Gives Dads A Kick—And A Taste Of Pregnancy

Dads in Buenos Aires strap on the feeling of being pregnant.

This Father’s Day dads-to-be across Buenos Aires can feel what it’s like to be pregnant. Sort of.

While their wives are sitting for ultrasounds and fetal monitorings, the dads will wear a special belt, developed by the diaper brand Huggies and agency Ogilvy & Mather Argentina, that replicates the fetal movement in real time. The belt was designed by doctors, engineers, and industrial designers. It’s darling to see the men tear up when they feel their babies kick.

According to the agency, the experience had been offered to couples in the Santa Isabel Clinic of Buenos Aires, and based on the success of the project, it’s being rolled out "as a gift for Father’s Day" to several clinics in the city on June 16.

Maybe next year’s iteration will replicate morning sickness and hormonal shifts, just to bring the couples even closer together.