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Infographic: The Evolution of the Superman Logo From 1938 To Now

Over the past 75 years, the Superman symbol has been rendered in a wide variety of styles. This new infographic traces its lineage back to the beginning.

Infographic: The Evolution of the Superman Logo From 1938 To Now

On Friday, July 14, Man of Steel will hit theaters with the force of a thousand Kryptonian baby rockets crashing into Smallville, Kansas. It’s the latest iteration of a character that has been around for 75 years. While our new Superman looks as handsome and buff as ever, though, the symbol on his chest looks kind of different from the last time we saw him. Of course, that symbol has changed a lot in 75 years.

Just in time for the unveiling of the new movie, has compiled a guide to all the variations of the iconic S that has played a role in unimaginative males’ Halloween costumes for lo these many decades. Created by graphic designer Kate Willaert, the infographic begins with 1938’s Action Comics #1 and goes all the way to present day.

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Apparently in the beginning, the inverted pyramid we know and love started out as a yellow police badge with a relatively tiny sans serif S inside. Over time, that S seemed to expand more and more to meet the sides of what only grew more diamond-shaped over time. Further differentiating the many eras of the symbol, the infographic is divided up into a section pertaining to the comics and another dedicated to Supe’s portrayal in pop culture. Seeing the different styles evolve over the ages, it would be difficult to argue that graphic design hasn’t gotten more super over the years.