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Now This Is A Hard-Hitting Anti-Drinking-And-Driving Spot

Men get a nasty surprise in the toilet. No, nastier than that.

Now This Is A Hard-Hitting Anti-Drinking-And-Driving Spot

When it comes to anti-drinking-and-driving ads, we’ve seen so much—so much gore, so many upsetting scenes of road carnage—it’s almost become difficult to shock, even with such an essentially shocking set of circumstances.

But with "Pub Loo Shocker," for the London Department of Transport’s THINK! initiative, Leo Burnett London manages to do the almost impossible and provides a genuine jolt—all the more surprising because the sudden trauma doesn’t take place on the road.

In the spot, directed by Rattling Stick’s Ed Morris, we see what looks like security-cam footage of gents using the loo and washing up in front of the mirror.

We’ll pause now while you watch the spot, which we STRONGLY encourage you to do before reading on.

According to the agency, the poor, unsuspecting blokes were actually actors, though they didn’t really know what was coming. It’s too bad that this stunt couldn’t be pulled on real people in real bars, as we suspect it’d be a message they wouldn’t forget (one imagines that the team was genuinely concerned about provoking coronary incidents in real people). To accompany the human mannequin that breaks through the mirror, the team also created specially designed sound effects, to lend an added element of reality to the displaced road accident.

What do you think? A sobering new twist on an often heard message?