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Now Coca-Cola's Made A Bottle Of Ice. Ice, Baby!

You’ve heard about the split can, now try the block o’ ice.

Thirsty beachgoers in Colombia may now avail themselves of the ultimate in chilled beverages—and no messy plastic left over! Coca-Cola has undertaken another bit of stunt bottling with the Botello de Hielo, or bottle of ice.

We reported on Coke’s recent split-can idea—bringing the brand’s happy vibe to life with a sharable package. That idea seemed a little more practical than this one—a bottle made entirely of ice. Sure, it has a nice live-for-now message built in (wait . . . isn’t that Pepsi’s line?), but it can’t be comfortable to hold (even with the rubber band that encircles the bottle) or to drink or generally to be around. But as a promo on a steamy Colombian beach, it’ll do for a summer warm-up.