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Dollar Shave Club Guy Gets Cheeky With His Latest Product

Michael Dubin, CEO of the thriving Dollar Shave Club, introduces a new product in his latest ad—but while still for use in the bathroom, this new venture is directed at the body part perhaps most opposite from one’s face.

By now, Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Dubin has a pretty firm grasp of what people want in an ad. If he’s not delivering the goods in an affably wacky spot of his own design, he’s appearing in one for somebody else. An ad for his latest product retains the cheeky spirit of its predecessors—only this bathroom-based product invites a bit more toilet humor.

"Poop: Everyone makes it," Dubin says near the top of the ad, channeling the title of the definitive potty training book of our time. Accordingly, Dubin is on the toilet when making this declaration, a prelude to his new endeavor—One Wipe Charlies. Yes, the man who made a pivot in the field of shaving is now disrupting the way men wipe their butts.

For the whole story on Dubin’s new venture, have a look at Fast Company writer Christina Chaey’s interview with him here.