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Domino's Explores The Next Frontier For Drones (Pizza Delivery) With The "DomiCopter"

Domino’s looks to the skies for its latest idea in pizza conveyance.

Last summer, Domino’s ran a contest to create a pimped-out ride for pizza delivery. Those hot wheels might have seemed cool, but you know what’s really cool? Getting your pizza delivery by an unmanned aerial vehicle. And with that, Domino’s has taken to the skies. Introducing the DomiCopter: the latest in pizza-delivery technology.

The copter, created by London agency T + Biscuits, isn’t likely to show up at your door any time soon. And we’re not bullish on the chances of any given pizza arriving unscathed at our door. But we’ll tip our hat to Domino’s for thinking outside the backseat on delivery.