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Brazilian Restaurant Lets Women Who Feel Beautiful Dine For Free

In an effort to improve worldwide feminine self-esteem on International Women’s Day, Brazilian restaurant Spoleto let all "beautiful" women dine for free. So now they have that going for them.

Ordinarily, if the cashier at a restaurant told a female customer that she didn’t have to pay because "all beautiful women eat for free today," the cashier would clearly be hitting on her. On International Women’s Day, however, that was not the case.

Brazilian fast food chain restaurant Spoleto attempted to raise women’s self-esteem that day (it was March 8) with a plan that splits the difference between Nathan Fielder’s half-baked marketing gimmicks and Dove’s controversial "Real Beauty" campaigns. Created by Rio-based agency Artplan, the effort involved allowing women to dine for free, but only if they consider themselves beautiful.

The above video shows the surprised, delighted reactions of some of the 500 self-proclaimed beautiful women who dined in restaurants for free that day. Although the effort resulted in a 35% increase in sales for the chain, if the company really wanted to raise women’s self-esteem, perhaps they’d consider flattering them about something besides their looks.