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Two People, One Can: Coke's New Can Lets You Twist and Share

A Coca-Cola experiment makes two cute cans out of one.

Coca-Cola marketing has long centered around various ways of sharing the soft drink, and by extension, happiness. Recently, the company created a vending machine that allowed Indians and Pakistanis to communicate with each other. In Europe, Coke is allowing customers to write the names of friends and family members on virtual cans in the company font. Now Coke has created a can for two: a regular-size Coke that twists apart into two small cans so you can share with a friend.

The campaign was a collaboration between Ogilvy & Mather’s Singapore and French outfits with can design by the French team of Martin Olivier and Olivier Brechon. The mini sodas are pretty cute—and could be a great solution to all the oversize soft drinks we’re consuming. According to an agency spokesperson, the cans aren’t being sold in machines; they were available in limited quantity during a trial stage via a "happiness truck" in Singapore.