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Sometimes a Tea Kettle Is Just a Tea Kettle, But Sometimes It’s Also Hitler

Recently, we learned about how to hide jokes in the background of TV shows, but of course sometimes jokes are hidden in the background of real life. A billboard just east of the southbound 405 in Culver City, California, boasts the latest from the beleaguered J.C. Penney—a Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle—but it also offers a little mustachioed something extra. Looking at the tea kettle positioned just so, there are at least three ways in which it looks like a very compact, South Park-style Adolf Hitler. In order of verisimilitude, the handle forms his asymmetrical hair, the top of the lid looks like his tiny mustache, and the bell whistle-topped spout looks as though it’s saluting. Reddit users noticed what they’re calling the "JC Penney Hitler Tea Kettle" over the long weekend, and the rest of the Internet is now catching up.

J.C. Penney responded to tweets about the unusual product by saying: "Certainly unintended. If we’d designed the kettle to look like anything, we would have gone with a snowman."

Do you think the kettle doesn’t look kind of like a culinary Hitler? Sound off in the comments below.