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"Tweet & Shoot" Makes The Internet A Trainer For A Tennis Star

Lob one at tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the name of training for the French Open.

"Tweet & Shoot" Makes The Internet A Trainer For A Tennis Star

Social media has allowed fans to send messages of support to pro athletes before (see Nike Chalkbot). Now, in preparation for the French Open, you can use Twitter to launch tennis balls at France’s top contender, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Fans can visit the dedicated Tweet & Shoot site, log in with Twitter, and decide where to place a ball on a virtual court. Shots are hashtagged and tweeted, and come with a personal message, if desired. The tweets trigger an on-court robot to shoot a nonvirtual ball at Tsonga.

Participants can visit the Tweet & Shoot site on May 23 to see Tsonga returning (maybe) the shots fired via Twitter.

The campaign was created by social media agency We Are Social Paris for global banking firm BNP Paribas to mark the 40th anniversary of the bank’s partnership with the French Open.