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Play The "Great Gatsby" Game Online and Win Your American Dream

An 8-bit alternative to the film.

If the languid prose of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby didn’t enthrall you, and you felt altogether passive watching Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation on the silver screen, you can now get in the action yourself with Great Gatsby, the video game.

A group of developers say they found the 8-bit Nintendo game at a yard sale, paid 50 cents for it, and then converted it to an open-source, playable, online platform. You move through the game as Nick Carraway, searching through Gatsby’s mansion for the elusive man, killing tuxedoed butlers and dancing flappers. And, of course, you rack up lots of gold coins. It wouldn’t be Gatsby without gross materialism.

Gatsby said that Daisy’s voice sounds like money. Great Gatsby, the video game, definitely sounds like 1990s Nintendo.